Green lentils are annual or more annual herbs, it's originated in southwest Asia and the eastern Mediterranean region, it has a long history,and now it is grown all over the world. Lentil pod contains 1-2 pieces of species, thin ,convex, and the surface is smooth, it has many colors, light red, yellow, black, green, grey and other color.
Nutritional Analysis:

1. Lentils provide protein and soluble fiber, and its iron content is twice than that of other legumes;
2. The vitamin B and folic acid content in lentils is higher, which is very important to women the folic acid can reduce the rate of fetal malformation;
3. Pigment in Beluga black lentils have antioxidant, can prevent heart disease and cancer.

commodity grade moisture admixture packing price
green lentils 1 13%max 0.3%max 50kg pp bag