Beans Price

Beans prices vary every week. Hence, we may not be able to give a specific fixed price for any kind of beans here. Instead, you will have to either e-mail us or go to the online order page to ask for prices of the specific kind of beans you want. As a general rule, however, we recommend that you place beans orders in September because most kidney beans we supply come to market at this time of the year. The price may be lowest at this time.

If you ordered beans but want us to ship some time in the future, we may do it. Basically we will charge a $10/mt per month warehouse storage fee starting from the date stipulated in our contract.

For some beans (such as red speckled kidney beans), you may want to tell us if you want us to machine select it or hand select it. Hand select is normally $10-20/mt higher than machine select. We may polish the beans as per your requirement too. It may cost about $10/mt to polish the beans.